Getting Started

The Basics Click the icon below for an introduction to DNA barcoding and the International Barcode of Life (iBOL) project - the largest biodiversity genomics initiative ever undertaken.
Introduction to DNA Barcoding

Teach Create a free account and use the eBOL Teach resource to access an extensive library of high-quality digital learning resources maintained by our partners at Spongelab. Through this platform, you can select and organize content into lessons, assign lessons to a course, and deliver lessons to your students. You can also customize lessons assembled by other educators and share content with the broader eBOL community. After creating an account, first-time visitors are encouraged to click the <Help> tab at the top of the Teach page for assistance in using the features contained within this resource.

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Project Gateway Browse the Project Gateway to learn about the different types of DNA barcoding projects that students are conducting or to highlight an ongoing project hosted by your group or organization.

BOLD-SDP The BOLD Student Data Portal is the central informatics workbench for the educational community. Use BOLD-SDP to organize, manage, and analyze barcode data associated with field specimens or other samples. Through this customized student interface to the Barcode of Life Data Systems, students can also publish barcode records that meet scientific data standards.

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DNA Barcoding Assistant Download the free DNA Barcoding Assistant smartphone application to capture and record geospatial, taxonomic, and other forms of data for specimens collected in the field.

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